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Do your values still stack up?

Values have long been the bread and butter of brands – but they’re more than words on a website. 

They should inform decision-making and cultivate the right behaviours for your company to thrive. But how embedded are your values in your organisation and do you ever take the time to reflect on their evolution as companies shape shift? And could they be replaced by your EVP and a set of core behaviours?

Join our masterclass to find out how you can recalibrate and reinvigorate your corporate values to deliver your company’s purpose in a changing world.

What you’ll take away:
An understanding of the influential role that values play in company culture
A clear steer on how to examine whether your values still stack up
Tools and techniques you can leverage to co-create your values evolution with your people and embed them within your business

Stay tuned for details of our September 2023 UC Session Series. Can't wait? Email hello@unitedcultureco.com to be added to the waitlist.