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We've been hitting the headlines

Over the last month, team UC have been busy diving into some of the most pressing issues facing the world of work.

Check out some of the pieces we've contributed to below.

In The Grocer, Mavis Boniface gives her take on how the hybrid working debate is exclusionary of some professions and makes the case for more improved flexible working options for frontline retail employees.

Alys O'Neill explores why it’s ok that not everyone wants to be a people manager and what happens when reluctant employees are shoehorned into these roles in HR Magazine.

We delve a bit further into one of the more troubling results of our Work Remastered research with London Loves Business. Just why are diversity networks so often struggling to drive real change?

And finally…

If you’re finding it impossible to work out what your employees actually want at the moment, you might find this article we wrote for People Management Magazine helpful.

Happy reading!