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It won’t happen by magic; reimagining organisational culture in a distributed working world

Over recent months we’ve seen more and more organisations mandate some form of physical colocation of their employees. Whether you think this is a scandalous U-turn or you’re all for it, the reality is businesses are making this change because they believe it’s the route to success.

This attempt to balance employee demands with business outcomes is leaving organisations in a tricky position with many businesses now looking at how they reinvigorate organisational culture to drive their ambitious goals. What some of them are forgetting is this doesn’t have to be about going starting from scratch.

Here’s our advice on how to reimagine or reinvigorate your organisational culture for the way we work today.

Be intentional

If you’re expecting a thriving culture to magic itself into being, then think again. Take the time to consider and articulate the culture that you’re aiming for and share it openly.

Even better, use the opportunity to collaborate with your employees and develop your cultural ambitions together.

A common complaint of return to office mandates is that employees don’t feel heard. So, co-creating your aspirational culture could offer a space for employee’s voices and renew their sense of involvement and contribution.  

Reconsider your end-to-end employee experience

Culture is an outcome. If you want to change the way people behave and interact with one another, you need to create an employee experience that encourages and rewards the behaviours you want to be the norm.

The moment someone starts to interact with your organisation, you’re offering them a glimpse into what you value, and what it will feel like to work with you.

Take some time to map out your end-to-end employee experience and analyse the picture you’re painting at every stage.

Ask yourselves a few key questions:

Is everything you do, at every key milestone, an accurate and inspiring reflection of your aspirational culture?

Where are the gaps and what changes could you make to close them?

It's completely possible to develop and maintain a culture to be proud of. But it won’t just happen through one off communication or occasional events.


Clearly communicating your purpose

Global events have a habit of offering a renewed sense of perspective and this re-evaluation is causing many people to realise that work is no longer their life’s central ambition. Many employees report feeling more disconnected from their organisation than ever before, what is important to people though is meaningfully contributing to a wider cause.

Inspiring communication of your organisation’s purpose and values will enhance your employee’s sense of connection and engagement and make them feel part of something they care about. So, tell a good story about where your organisation is making a difference and repeat it regularly and consistently.


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