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In uncertain times, you have to do things differently

Productivity is the ultimate driver of growth in the global economy. But with the uncertainty over what a post-Brexit UK will look like, and speculation over the next recession rife, how can UK businesses get ready to weather the storm?

The answer is simple.

Start a dialogue with your people and set a clear path for growth.

Getting the dialogue started

To truly engage people, you need to understand the people you want to have a relationship with – whether that is customers, employees or partners. This is about more than demographics; you have to understand their mindsets and motivations if you want to win their hearts and minds.

You can only achieve that with a conversation. It is then, and only then, that you will be able unleash the power of a company’s biggest asset – its people. But what has starting a dialogue got to do with growth?

Understanding how your business could work better and unpicking what gets in the way of your people living your brand in every interaction is key to building a performance-driven business.

These conversations will enable you to uncover the big and small changes you can make as a business to set you on the path to growth.

And when changes are implemented as a result of dialogue with your people, implementation is faster. Because the ideas are grounded in real issues and solutions are solid and well thought through.

Setting a clear path for growth

Businesses without a clear vision of what they are trying to achieve struggle to get their people moving in the same direction. Equally important, however, is communicating the roadmap for how you get from where you are today to where you want to be.

Helping your people understand the journey you are going on will help them to write themselves into your future. They will be able to better connect what they do day-to-day with your strategy.

More sophisticated companies go a step further, and actually co-create the journey with their people.

Creating shared ownership of your growth agenda passes the responsibility and accountability for success to hundreds and sometimes thousands of people rather than just a few at the top.  

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