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"If corporates don't act now for the greater good then we're all in trouble."

Welcome to #UCVoices, a speed read series that shines a light on our vibrant network of clients and collaborators and the amazing things they are doing in our industry.

Joseph Murray, senior comms pro at De Beers Group

Meet Joseph Murray, a senior comms pro who has lent his expertise to industry-leading brands including American Express, RSA, Rolls Royce and, most recently, De Beers Group.

In his quickfire #UCVoices interview, Joe shares a snapshot into what's next in engagement as well as his unexpected dream job.

Recommend a restaurant, anywhere in the world.

La Finca in Elche, Spain… Just one of those memorable holiday moments when everything came together.

Who inspires you?

Too many to mention and it changes daily depending on a load of variables, including those around me.

What is your dream job or project?

I’d settle for a stint as a helicopter-flying marine biologist chef who does quality control for Grolsch on the side.

What’s next in engagement?

The current Covid-19 pandemic might be the catalyst for a homeworking revolution, enabled by new tech to reach beyond just connectivity.

What’s more important – personal purpose or corporate purpose?

Mmm… I’d be tempted to say personal, but with the state the planet’s in, if corporates don’t act now for the greater good then we’re all in trouble.