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Furloughed employees returning to work? Ask yourself these 10 questions.

Welcoming furloughed employees back into the fold? Beyond the workplace risk assessments currently sweeping the nation, there are ten key questions you should be considering right now:


1.    Have you reached out to your furloughed employees and really listened their needs, concerns and requirements as they prepare to return to work?

2.    Do you understand the mindset of the people returning and the people that have continued to work through this period? And are you communicating to both groups in a way that will create an appreciation of the different experiences people have had during this difficult period?

3.    Have you reviewed your employee journey and identified the moments that will need a re-think or a particular focus?

4.    Do you have a robust onboarding experience in place?

5.    Have you created a strong vision for the future, and an honest account of the present situation? And how do you plan to re-engage your people in your future ambitions?

6.    Have you considered how your company culture has shifted while furloughed employees have been absent from work? Do you need to engage them in a new way of working and prompt any behaviour change?

7.    Have you engaged line managers so that they feel equipped to support their furloughed colleagues efficiently?

8.    And do you have a plan in place to re-connect your entire employee base?

9.    How will you rebuild trust? You may want to read this article as a starter for ten.

10.  Are your leaders geared up to engage the returning teams?


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