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Exploring Employee Experience with the CIPD

“Employees experience meaningful work when they express their potential, feel a sense of belonging and can make an impact.” Dr Evgenia Lysova.

This week, team UC spent two days at the CIPD Employee Experience in London.

Victoria and Alys spoke about reimagining the employee experience to drive advocacy, exploring the role of leaders and line managers, and discussing how a strong employee experience can strengthen culture and build a sense of belonging. The questions on people’s minds? How do you manage change and create a consistent experience with four different generations within the workplace today? How can you engage non-desk or office-based employees to ensure they have the same experience as those working in a hybrid way? What do we really mean by creating personalised work experiences, and where do we start? More to come on that front soon.

Johnny Gifford presented the CIPD’s latest Good Work Index, exploring the centrality of work in our lives today, workload, and work life balance. He also stressed the vital role of the line manager community in how we experience work and spoke about the importance of creating meaning for people. A subject reinforced by leading researcher Dr Evgenia Lysova in her keynote about her research into the key components of meaningful work.

They were joined by speakers from Pret-a-Manger who highlighted the power of internal mobility and developing homegrown talent. The team from TFL shared how they are empowering employees to manage their own talent and career development and Ricoh explored how they are leveraging ESG strategies to improve employee well-being and job satisfaction.

The conference highlighted the wide-reaching impact and value of strengthening the employee experience and the multiple touch points we have at our disposal today to build connection and create meaning. The pandemic clearly accelerated change for many organisations, and more businesses are taking a truly human centric approach to transforming the archaic systems and processes of yesteryear.

But are organisations being brave enough yet? And can we push the boundaries even further so that we don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to reshape the world of work?